Expertise in building stud walls, wall cladding, partition walls & repairing plaster walls in Melbourne

ADK Creative Builds Pty Ltd offers wall repairs, construction and renovations. We repair cracked, broken or damp walls, install commercial office partitions and residential partition walls, and wall panels in Melbourne. Our team of qualified tradesmen is experienced in a diverse range of walling requirements including pre-cast, dry, brick and cement walls. We repair, renovate or reinstall walls that show cracks, discolouration or bubbling due to rising damp.

The experienced ADK team carries out even the smallest repairs resulting from the installation of air-conditioning vents and new doorways and frames. Our services include:

Stud Walls

If you require the installation, construction or repairs of stud walls and stud wall framing, look no further than ADK. We construct sturdy walls for clients throughout Melbourne, that require load bearing or non-load bearing frames for building construction. We will visit your property to ascertain your exact requirements. It is essential to determine the application and stresses that will be placed on the stud walls to ensure that we effectively cater for the allowable weight that will eventually be placed on the stud wall.

Wall Partitions

If you want to move your current wall partitions to create a new floor plan, or need an entirely new installation, our wall installation services include constructing brick walls, wall partitions and dry walls in commercial, residential and industrial properties. We work with partition materials such as: glass, dry wall, and screens to create exactly what you require.

Plaster Walls

We offer the repairing of plaster walls to effectively fix any damage to your indoor walls or your outdoor walls because of harsh treatment from the elements. Our wall crack repair solutions ensure they will look as good as new once ADK is done.

Sound Proofing Walls

Besides repairs, we offer sound proofing walls for private and commercial studios. We will install soundproofing materials that efficiently govern the acoustics of certain rooms. Using acoustic damping tiles, we can reduce the sound leakage from your studio into adjoining areas.

If you already have a studio but require soundproofing repairs, we determine which of your damping tiles or reflection boards are faulty and replace or repair the necessary ones with minimal interruption to your studio time.

Chat to us about soundproofing your studio and our qualified team will advise you on which method is best to mitigate the studio sound.

If you want to extend dwarf walls to full height, widen or narrow entrances, move doorways, or install fire rated wall systems, ADK Creative Builds Pty Ltd does it all. Our advice and services are readily available to you.

Contact us today for further information regarding your indoor or outdoor wall repairs or construction wall panelling and cladding, only a few of the many other services like ceiling installations and repairs we offer to clients throughout Melbourne. We look forward to being of assistance.

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